Published Sep 13

Freelancers in Peril: Scams in the Freelancing Community


Freelancing is becoming more and more widespread as companies, large and small, continue to shift towards virtual ways of working. It might be a positive change to start working as a freelancer with its flexible nature, as job opportunities are harder to find and require more intense work.

However, working as a freelancer isn’t a job without risks, various scams are present almost everywhere. If you are currently working or planning to work as a freelancer, you might want to learn more about the risk of fraud and what to do if you have been scammed in the freelancing world.

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Published Aug 24

Benefits of Working with a Virtual Assistant


Companies or individuals, both work for a specific gain or profit in their minds. They work tirelessly and give their best on every task or goal at hand. However, running an organization and living a personal life could be more overwhelming and troublesome than you could imagine. There will come a time where working harder will not be enough to finish the massive workloads and perform tasks out of your skillset. Thus, it’s best to change your approach and start working smarter. One of the best solutions for this is to hire a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants are self-employed workers who provide services in digital space from a remote location. They specialize in performing different services ranging from administrative, technical, and even creative assistance for their clients. The smart move of hiring a v ...

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Published Aug 23

WHYs of Hiring a Freelancer


Day by day, the composition and structure of the workforce changes. Companies, whether big or small, have been looking into more flexible ways of gaining a competitive advantage against their competitors. With the emergence of “freelancers,” companies and even individuals have found a new flexible way to get their jobs done and increase their productivity and efficiency. Here are the top 5 reasons why there is a growing demand to hire freelancers.


Cost-Effective Workers

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