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Business Development Representative
Manny O.

Business Development specialists are essential for every company to grow and identify new opportunities. Our expert resources have experience in creating new business opportunities and optimizing marketing strategies for steady growth.

Our Business Development expert can:

  • Conduct research and analyze data to work towards business growth
  • Create business plans and objectives for the company
  • Has knowledge of marketing strategy to develop and grow the company
  • Arrange and meet with prospective clients to create new opportunities
  • Promote company’s products or services which address customer needs.
  • Coordinate with external and internal stakeholders to incorporate feedback and improve experience.
  • Build long term relationships with new and existing customers.
  • Maintain sales track record and report to stakeholders.
  • Communicate and negotiate all deals with important clients.
Your assurance is our priority
Hourly Tracking
We track every hour and activity, with screenshots, mouse clicks, and keystrokes logged. With weekly reporting, you can rest assured that your freelancers are working productively.
Rigorous Vetting
We interview, check references, assign test projects, and verify the output quality of every freelancer in our network. Each freelancer is scored from 1-10 across multiple categories. Only 9s and 10s make the cut.
Backups & Accountability
We keep backups of your freelancers' work, as well as the material you send them. We also meet weekly with both you and your freelancers to ensure each of you remain compatible and successful.
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What our customers say
Delegation on Demand was just what we needed. Sherief has been awesome to work with - great software developer, tactful decision-maker, thoughtful communicator.
Jared Wasdin
Jared Wasdin
Board Member at Rocket Hatch
Asya is super talented. We're lucky to have found her - she immediately helped us work through some tricky UX challenges we were having.
Adam Pearson
Adam Pearson
CEO at GlimpseK12
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