How To Hire A Social Media Partner

If you are looking to hire a new social media person, here are some tips on how to find the right person with the right qualities.

The first thing that needs to be done is figuring out your company’s social media goals. Without clear goals it will be difficult for your new employee to know where they stand in their position. Once these goals are set, then it’s time for them to start searching through resumes of people who might fit the job description. It may also help if there are personality traits that need to be considered as well such as being able to work with numbers or having good writing skills since those things all come into play when managing a business’ social

We’ll walk you through:

  1. Why you might want to hire one
  2. Do you need to provide your own content?
  3. What exactly it costs when working with them.


Why You Might Want To Hire A Social Media Person

The answer is simple. If you’re looking to get the job done right, whether that be building an online web-app or just implementing changes on your existing site then hiring a social media manager who knows their stuff can’t hurt – in fact it might help!

You want someone with experience and expertise who will work hard for little pay because they love what they do; not some junior whose main goal isn’t complete mastery but rather getting by until graduation day (and maybe even pasting together another few months of posts). And while we all know how difficult this industry has become recently due largely from increased competition across most platforms where anyone could sell themselves as having skills needed. Delegation On Demand has vetted Web Developers that takes the guessing-work out out and allows you to hire talent faster.


Knowing Who Is The Right Person For Your Project

It’s important to establish what exactly you’re responsible for providing during your social media campaign. Will you or the agency provide content for your Instagram or Facebook account? Do you need to send relevant industry news, or will they find it for you? Is the person also going to be designing and curating posts? Their answers will give insight into what the demands on your time will be as you begin working together.

Additionally, many website have free to use stock photography that you or the freelancer may be able to use:


How Much Does It All Cost? Hire the best!

The average price is around $500 for small projects and up towards an astonishingly high range of thousands. But what’s really important is their skillset so make sure you consult several portfolios before hiring anyone just in case there are some hidden gems out there that can help your business grow at competitive rates.


Part-Time vs Full-Time

Finally, when looking for a social media expert, the question is whether to work with a freelancer or hire somebody full-time. This depends on the details of your project and how many social platforms you plan to leverage.

Working with a freelancer is often good enough to get your social presence started. You agree on the time frame, price and delivery they create your website you can take over from there if needed but not too much else needs to be set up in advance.

Hire vetted talent quickly with Delegation On Demand.

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