Freelance Matchmaking: How to Find The Right Freelancer

You’re probably thinking of hiring freelancers or researching the best way to hire the ideal freelancer at this moment.



It might be because you need to have something created or a project finished, but you don’t know how. You lack time to deal with such tasks personally, or maybe, you want to cut down your expenses of hiring full-time employees. Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place for information on hiring a freelancer.

The world of freelancing is growing bigger by the minute. You can almost find every business making use of the convenience brought about by freelancers especially the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. Its popularity causes the freelancing population to increase to the point that they are starting to become superabundant. But, the question is, which one should you hire that best fits your needs?


Below are the matchmaking steps that you can follow to find your Mr/Ms. Freelancer:


Define Your Project and Know Your Outcome

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Never get anything started without doing detailed and well-thought-out planning. Planning gives you an overview of what type of freelancers you should hire for your business in line with the current goals and budget that you want to achieve. It helps you determine the qualifications or criteria that a freelancer must possess to fulfill your project’s requirements.

Determine Your Budget


Cutting down your expenses for hiring full-time employees might be one of the reasons you have for hiring a freelancer. You can even hire a freelancer for as low as $5. Remember, you get what you paid for. Increasing your budget will attract more qualified freelancers that could perform better than you have expected.


Rack up Job Applicants

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Now, it’s time to post your job opening to the freelancing world. You can start posting job offers on many freelancing sites like Upwork. The more details and requirements about the project you provide in the post will attract higher-quality applicants.  


Review your Applicants and Select the Best

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Applications can accumulate quickly. Shortlist the applicants that fit as many of your requirements as possible (it can be impossible to find a candidate that matches every requirement). Setup and conduct interviews via Calendly or Zoom to learn more about the candidates’ personalities, working experience, and style. A best practice is asking all the candidates the same questions, so create a benchmark of answers. Lastly, determine and select the best applicant that meets your criteria.


Establish a Good Working Relationship

Building a solid working relationship with your freelancer increases the efficiency and quality of their work. The more information you can provide in the Statement of Work or Scope of Work, the better. A freelancer that asks a lot of questions is a positive trait. Freelancers know the client will rate them on the work they deliver, so it’s in their best interest to communicate with you frequently for feedback to deliver great work. Furthermore, having a good working relationship with a capable and reliable freelancer means that you can employ the same freelancer in the future.


The Bottom Line!

Hiring a freelancer is genuinely a world-changing event for most businesses. They provide a wide range of services for a lower cost than employing a full-time employee. Knowing the right ways of why you should hire a freelancer that suits your needs is a smart move that allows you more flexibility in managing clients and budgets. It gives you an edge and a competitive advantage against your competitors.


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